o What do I need to give you to get started?
We work with all types of designers and therefore can work from a variety of different designs.  We can create patterns from detailed tech packs, sketches, photographs, and/or existing garments.  Providing as much information as possible is the key to a streamlining the process.
o Do you keep my designs and patterns confidential?
Because we recognize the competitive nature of the swimwear industry, regardless of whether or not you have a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, we always keep your work confidential.  If you have a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we will gladly sign it and if you don't have one, we can provide one for you.
Once your collection has been completed, we may ask you for photo shoot pictures to display in our office. We completely understand if you don't want your pictures displayed in our office, and we would never do so without your permission. We may also ask to put a link from our website to yours, but again we let you make that decision and would not do so without your permission.
o How much does it cost to have a pattern and sample made?
The cost of patterns and samples varies from design to design and style to style.  Some garments are more complex and are more heavily constructed than others, therefore it is difficult to say without seeing a design.  Contact us for pricing information.
o How quickly can I get my pattern and sample?
There are a number of factors that determine how quickly your design can be turned into a pattern and sample. The two biggest factors in determining a time frame are the current pattern and sample backlog and the complexity of your design.  Contact us for more details.
o Can you fix my paper patterns?
While we can work with paper patterns, we always digitize paper patterns first and then work with the electronic patterns.
o What materials do you provide and what do I need to provide?
In general, we will provide the thread. Most of the time when samples are being made, it is best to use what you are planning to use during production. This is especially true with regards to fabrics. It is important to use a fabric that is as similar as possible to the fabric you plan to use for production with regards to its weight and stretch.
On occasion, we can provide certain materials like rubber, elastic, hooks, rings, sliders. We keep a small supply of these standard sized items in stock and can supply them if necessary. However, we do charge a small materials fee so that they can be replenished.
o How long does it take to make a pattern?
As can be expected, the amount of time it takes to make a pattern varies by garment. The complexity and construction of the garment, and the detail of the design specs are the two largest factors that determine the amount of time a pattern may take. As a rule of thumb we usually figure about 2.5 to 4 hours per garment, where a garment is defined as a bikini, a one piece or a tankini. With this in mind, there are some garments that take longer that this time and others that are completed in less time, but this is a good gauge to use as an estimate.
o If I want to switch fabrics, does it affect my pattern?
The quick answer is that it can. The longer answer is that different fabrics can stretch differently. If you switch fabrics, we suggest you have a garment made out of the new fabric before going to production with it. A fabric with a different stretch can cause a garment to become tighter or looser, even when using the same pattern.
o If I cannot get out to meet with you, can we still work together?
While a personal face to face meeting is always helpful, we have worked with a number of clients throughout the United States and Internationally where we have never met in person. In these cases we are able to accomplish the same results via email, telephone and video-conferencing.