o Pattern Making
With more than 30 years of pattern making experience, specifically in the swimwear industry, our pattern makers are accomplished at first through production patterns. Because of this experience, we are able to work closely with designers and/or pattern room managers to ensure there are no surprises during production.

While our pattern makers are experienced in both paper and computerized pattern making, we utilize one of the most popular design systems in the swimwear industry to create and alter all patterns. By using this software we can store and retrieve patterns quickly, easily and accurately so that revisions can be made in a timely manner.

By creating digital patterns, we are able to transfer final patterns directly to our clients or to their contractors immediately upon completing our pattern work. This means no more waiting for paper patterns to arrive, however we can supply paper patterns on request.
o Grading
Whether using our existing grading rules or client specific grading rules, our computerized grading system is able to consistently produce highly accurate patterns that are graded in a timely manner. Again, the design system allows us to electronically transfer the graded patterns to our clients, their contractors or both.
o Sample Making
Whether making prototype samples, sales samples or photo shoot samples, we always strive to produce the best garments possible. This sometimes means a little extra time is required so that each and every garment is just right before being delivered.
o Digitizing
Digitizing is the process of taking your existing paper patterns and creating digital patterns from them. These can then be read by most pattern design systems and/or marker making systems.
o Fitting / Consultations
For those that are not comfortable fitting and/or making fit comments, we offer both in-house and onsite fitting services. This allows our pattern makers to see the samples on a body, participate in the fitting and discuss what fit you are really trying to achieve with a particular garment.
o Marker Making
We will soon be adding marker making to the list of services we provide. While we can currently create a marker, a special plotter is required to print the markers out.